EuroSkills Budapest 2018


On behalf of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the WorldSkills Europe community we would like to extend our warm regards and express our appreciation for your support.

The EuroSkills Budapest 2018 has brought together young people and delegations from 28 countries and regions across Europe. The hosting of this event signifies a crucial moment in Hungary for skills development and vocational education.

The success of EuroSkills Budapest 2018 will be a reflection of your dedication and enthusiasm in the coming days.

It will be a pleasure to see your commitment and involvement in a wide variety of roles to assist the thousands of Competitors and visitors from around Europe.

You, our volunteers, will be essential to the success of EuroSkills Budapest 2018.

Without your commitment and support, we at Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry would not be able to achieve our goal of successfully hosting the region’s first EuroSkills Competition.

We hope that the legacy of EuroSkills Budapest 2018 will live on and lead to new opportunities in both skills and events for all of the volunteers involved.

Thank you again for all your efforts.


Our 500 volunteers will help to make this event well organized and coordinated. Thanks to you, more than 80 000 visitors, more than 550 Competitors, and approximately 100 sponsors will be able to enjoy this world-class event, hosted for the first time in the Central and Eastern Europe. As a volunteer, you will perform your role alongside talented people from all over Europe. Competitors, along with their supporters, will travel from nearly 28 countries and regions to be part of EuroSkills.

One of your key role is to make the competitors feel at home.

Some of the key roles of volunteers:

Making the Competitors feel at home.
General volunteers: providing information about events, activities; coordinating tasks, giving directions, supports registration, provides general tasks during events.
CIS/ IT support.
Supporting role at Try a Skill and Skills competition areas.


The assigned Team Leaders will be responsible for making sure you are well informed, happy, and comfortable in your role. We will assign your role and shifts, train you, check you in when you arrive, and respond to all requests for help. We are based in the Volunteer Centre at Hungexpo and are here to help you so make sure to say hello! If you have any questions, we can also be contacted at volunteer@euroskills2018.com.

Team Leaders are your main point of guidance and support you during your shift. They will brief you on your role for the day, guide you to your position, and ensure you are well looked after during your shift. Your Team Leader may change throughout the event; however, you will always have only one Team Leader that will look after you during your shift. You’ll find out who your Team Leaders are at your Role Specific Training.


The following areas will highlight the various volunteer opportunities.


The role is to input the marks recorded by Experts during the competitions.


As part of our registration process, we have to accredit every delegate that attends EuroSkills Budapest 2018. Each person submits a photo and information that will be used to produce an accreditation badge that will determine their access to the event.

Our Catering team is responsible for the catering support for all delegates, Competitors, and volunteers across all venues and events.

EuroSkills Budapest 2018 has two huge Ceremony events; the Opening Ceremony held on 25 September and the Closing Ceremony held on 29 September. Both will take place at Papp Laszlo Sportarena and will be fantastic displays of show-stopping entertainment and celebration.

There will be a conference during the event which will be attended by professionals, participants, and VIPs from all over Europe. The Conference team is responsible for the registration, logistics, and delivery of these supporting events.

Member support
The EuroSkills Budapest 2018 Member Support team are dedicated to looking after all our delegates and ensuring they have a stress-free visit to EuroSkills Budapest 2018 and Budapest by assisting with travel information and supporting them with information during their stay.

EuroSkills Budapest 2018 is inviting both local and international press and media to the event. They will be covering every stage of the Competition, and the conference and special events. The Press team supports their works throughout the Event.

School visits
EuroSkills Budapest 2018 is expecting more than 80,000 student visitors to attend the competition from all over Hungary. The School Visits team is responsible for ensuring that all students have a seamless and educational journey.

Special events
As part of our delegates visit, we will be taking them on a social excursion and a welcome reception, as well as hosting a farewell party to celebrate their achievements in the competitions. The Special Events Team is responsible for coordination and support of the events.

Sponsorship, partnership
We have national and international sponsors, partners who are supporting the delivery of EuroSkills Budapest 2018 who have provided not only equipment for the Competitions but also funding and support to put on this international event. It is very important they are well looked after at EuroSkills Budapest 2018. The Sponsorship team is responsible for looking after these partners.

Throughout the event there are many transport plans that have been set up to ensure our delegates are able to access all the activities that Budapest has to offer as well as travel to the competition venue, airport, and other commitments with ease. The Transportation team looks after all planning related to the movement of these individuals.

VIP and Protocol
The EuroSkills Budapest 2018 VIP and Protocol team ensure all local and international VIPs are catered for and supported, along with planning and running all VIP events. They also organize all VIP tours for those who visit the competition.

Visitor experience
To ensure every visitor gets the most out of visiting the event we have a Visitor Experience team dedicated to supporting the engagement of visitors with the skill competitions and supporting them throughout their visit to EuroSkills Budapest 2018.

The Volunteer department is obviously the most important area in all of EuroSkills! The Volunteer team oversees the planning, recruitment, scheduling, training, and deployment of all 500 EuroSkills Budapest 2018 volunteers. Onsite, they are the first team that you will check in with and will ensure you remain happy and productive throughout your volunteer journey.


The Technical team manages the build of the workshops and the event, manages the venue and crowds, and ensure we have all the equipment needed to run the 37 skill competitions safely and successfully (plus 1 demonstration and 2 presentation skills).


Volunteer Orientation

Volunteer Orientation is designed to provide all volunteers with a full overview of both EuroSkills Budapest 2018 and our event. It includes all Health and Safety information, what is expected of you as a volunteer.

Team Leader Training

All Team Leaders and Supervisors are required to undergo Team Leader Training. This 3-hour session provides Team Leaders with the tools and resources they need to fulfil a leadership role and manage their volunteer teams.

Role Specific Training

During your Role Specific Training, you will receive the information and training you need to perform your particular role. These sessions are led by subject experts who will inform you of exactly what, where, why and how you will perform each task necessary for your role. It is here that you will also meet your Team Leaders.

Venue Tour

You will also go on a Venue Tour during your Role Specific Training to acquaint yourselves with your venue. Venue Tours are important, as you will find out what spaces you will be working in, how to get there, evacuation routes and exits, and where other important spaces such as Volunteer Check-In and Break Areas are.


Your uniform and accreditation must be worn at all times while on shift. Any volunteer needs to wear their uniforms starting their shifts.

Uniform and Accreditation Distribution will take place at:

When: TBA
Time: TBA
Where: TBA

All volunteers will need to bring either their ID to collect their accreditation and uniform. After you collect your uniform, double check all items to ensure they are the correct size.

What you will receive as volunteers:

Uniform polo and pullover. Please wear your own blue jeans (no extremes, no ripped or faded jeans please)
One meal during shift
Volunteer pack
Entrance to Volunteer Centre
Entrance ticket to the Opening or Entrance ticket to the Closing ceremony
More information is on the way. Please check the website regularly for the updates.

If you have any further questions or concern please do not hesitate to contact us by email volunteer@euroskills2018.com.