The HCCI launched an application for the ‘Masterpiece of the Hungarian Craftsmanship’, an initiative aiming at better utilizing the traditions of and the capabilities lying in the Hungarian craftsmanship. According to this initiative, those who produce outstanding handicrafts products become entitled to receive the reward ‘Masterpiece of the Hungarian Craftsmanship’ as an appreciation.

The remuneration providing professional recognition to the winner including also marketing and publicity possibilities clearly shows the high value of this comprehensive application opportunity that encompassing the entire range of the handicrafts trade. There is no limit to the number of prizes to be given, it is only the performance of the applicants that counts – so this is quite a unique form of remuneration.

In addition to the diploma of merit ‘Masterpiece of the Hungarian Craftsmanship’, every prize-winner is entitled to use the logo ‘Masterpiece of the Hungarian Craftsmanship’, and can also prepare a product tag for the winning product (with a specific recognizing content).

To win this title, it is essential that the product be genuine, it should also preserve the heritage of the national culture, represent a unique value when being loyal to the traditions. It should be produced at an outstanding level, and should be able to use in tourism as well.

At the event and at the following exhibition, visitors will see juried artworks and high-level products of the participating craftsmen, which clearly shows that the ‘cream’ of the crafts industry is introduced here.

The exhibition can be visited in pavilion ‘B’, at the entire duration of ‘EuroSkills’ competition, between 26-28 September.

The chief patron of the event ‘Masterpiece of the Hungarian Craftsmanship’ is Dr. László Palkovics, Minister, Ministry for Innovation and Technology, Hungary.

The prizes will be conveyed to the winners by Dr. László Parragh, President of the HCCI; Balázs Fekete, Vice President of the HCCI in the field of Handicrafts and Vilmos Horváth – Vice President at Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The event is hosted by Péter Dunai, Secretary General at Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Thanks to the renewed conditions of the application, more and more modernized artworks of crafts appear among the entries for this competition alongside with the “traditional” handicrafts products.