The EuroSkills competition has reached its 10th year anniversary, and as part of the celebration we organize an exhibition to mark the 10-year road. We will reflect upon the past competitions, personal memories and future implications. The event is supported by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The exhibition will commemorate the past biennial EuroSkills competitions (Rotterdam 2008, Lisbon 2010, Spa-Francorchamps 2012, Lille 2014, Gothenburg 2016) by exhibiting photos, sharing personal success stories and memories, displaying EuroSkills competition related items and also it gives a chance to meet former EuroSkills competitors. We consider it important to preserve the continuity of the competitions, which serve as an excellent platform to promote professional excellence and high quality vocational education and training (Graz 2020).

The exhibition will be part of the EuroSkills Budapest 2018 event and it will be open to the public. Through the exhibition, the visitors can have a better understanding of the enormity of EuroSkills competitions, which brings nations together, the importance of the vocational trainings throughout the time.

The showcase can be viewed in Hall B during the opening hours.