The “EuroSkills Budapest 2018 Conference,” scheduled on 27th September 2018 will be part of the EuroSkills Budapest 2018 competition and it will be joint effort of EuroSkills Budapest 2018 organizing team, the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry along with the Ministry of National Economy (Hungary), Ministry of Human Capacities (Hungary) and other major institutes, organizations will contribute to the events. The conference will take place at Hungexpo, the Hungarian Budapest Fair Centre. The event location is the same, where EuroSkills Budapest 2018 competition will be organized (1101 Budapest, Albertirsai út 10.)

The one-day conference will highlight three major topics - dual education, digitalism and industry 4.0. We will have experts on Z generation for each topic segment to share their ideas, opinions from generational viewpoints.

The keynote speakers are followed by panel discussions and Q&A sessions involving the larger audience. The invited speaker will be representing all stake-holders of a given topic, this way we will get a general overview with pros and cons. The speakers include representatives of large corporation as well as SMEs, government officials, policy makers, international experts, researchers and professionals.

The aim of the conference is multifocal – bringing together all the stake holders to discuss the current tendencies, providing visions for development as well as creating synergies at a higher level.

The final list of speakers will be announced later on as well as the exact schedule. The conference timing will be from 9am until 6pm and it will take place in Hall B.

The one-day conference will be free of charge for the professionals and the registration will be open by the end of May.